All about Grimble Cents

What are Grimble Cents?

Grimble Cents are the Grimble Tot loyalty points.

How do I sign up?  

In the bottom right of the screen you will find a small blue crown icon. Once you click on this, you can login to your account, then register for Grimble Cents following the prompts. 

How do I earn Grimble Cents?

There are lots of ways to earn Grimble Cents.

  • 200 cents just for signing up!
  • 50 cents for following us on Instagram
  • 400 cents on your birthday 
  • 2 cents for every £1 spent - double on drop days!

Remember - you only earn points on your orders if you're logged into your account!

If you leave us a review on the website, you will automatically be entered into our monthly prize draw to win 500 cents!

We also regularly run competitions and games on both our Facebook and Instagram pages, so make sure you're following us for the chance to win more cents!!

I already follow you on Instagram - how do I get the 50 cents? 

Click the little blue crown icon in the bottom right, then "ways to earn", and then click to follow us on Instagram. This will link your Instagram account with your GrimbleTot account and automatically add the 50 cents. 

How do I check how many Grimble Cents I have?

Remember the blue crown icon? If you click on that you can find your current Grimble Cent total. 

How much are Grimble Cents worth?

100 Grimble Cents = £1

How do I redeem my Grimble Cents?

Yup, you guessed it - the blue icon!

Click on "All rewards", and you can then redeem as many points as you like by using the slider to select the value in units of 100 cents (or £1 in real money). A code will then be generated, which you can add straight to your account ready for your next checkout, or use at a later date. 

You'll also receive an email with the code too if you need to access it again later. 

Is there a minimum amount when redeeming Grimble Cents?

You need at least 100 cents to be able to redeem them.


Now you know all about them, you can start collecting them. Remember, you can only earn Grimble Cents and get money off if you have an account and are signed in to it when you make your orders, so sign up today - you know it makes cents!