Confessions of a scandi addict

A few weeks ago, a number of you confided your deepest darkest scandi secrets in us - so we collated them into a blog!

*Names and locations have been changed to protect identities. 


Seeing double

I once bought an item in a destash that I already own as I forgot I had it stashed in all the excitement. To make it worse, my husband was the one who noticed. 

Eileen from Dover

Honey, I shrunk the scandi!

My mum once washed 5 lots of DUNS dungarees at 60 degrees then put them in the dryer! She was trying to be helpful while I was at work but I’m still not over it a year later!

Becky from the manager's office


Preparation preparation preparation

I love scandi so much. I've been buying beautiful tiny newborn sizes and have quite the glorious stash. Some people think I'm crazy, but I'm just super prepared - I got them all at a bargain price! The Dandelions were my first, but now I need to find matching bonnets! My most recent tiny size 44 vest is so adorable, I may actually get pregnant tonight just looking at it!

'Something' Njalsdottir from Somewhere Scandi

And the lucky winner is...

When the post has started stacking up, I've pretended to win competitions to explain away the parcels. Once I even pretended to be the one hosting the competition so a friend could get a purchase past her partner. I set up a new email address and everything!

Maxine O'Morra from Wet Wang

You're a scandi addict, 'arry!

Sometimes, I've lied about ‘muggle clothes’ not fitting the children because certain family members insist on buying them nasty synthetic fabrics and awful cartoon character clothing. (By certain family members everybody read ‘in-laws’ right...?)

Karen from Duns-dee

What's yours is mine

I once used the other halfs's paypal for a big scandi order claiming it was an accident.

Maia Day in Cockermouth

Scandi hacker

I cut an a-line to make a tshirt for me and a headband for my daughter with the offcut. I even posted a video of me cutting it on the scandi facebook groups.

Violet from Mother Earth