Grimble Tot: The story so far...


Who are we?

Grimble Tot are a small independent retailer of ethical and organic goods based in Manchester, UK. 

We're run by Lou Lam, with occasional help from her husband K and toddler Isaac, who is affectionately called Babalam, Grumble Boo, Tumble Bot & Grimble Tot. This is how the store got its name. 

Lou is a weak tea drinking, moose obsessed Network Engineer. When she's not packing mystery boxes, she's keeping the internet running. 


What do we stand for?

We're all about bright and colourful sustainable clothing. Our long term ambitions include the fall of capitalism and we aim to achieve this via the best mystery boxes in the market, with the help of science, tea and gin. Not always in that order. 


How did we get into Scandi Clothes?

Lou was first introduced to the wonder of Scandi clothes in a Facebook group. Long, looooong nights with little sleep led to an obsession with ordering mystery boxes and tracking down hard to find prints, even involving trips to Scandinavia to get the goods straight from the source! When the opportunity arose to take over a store that was closing, she leapt at the chance and Grimble Tot was born.