Inspired by: Autumn Flowers and Trees

It’s so nearly Autumn, and what better time of the year is there for wearing beautiful nature inspired clothes in gorgeous autumnal colours : deep reds and oranges, warm browns, vibrant greens, mustard yellows...

Duns Sweden’s Autumn prints are traditionally very seasonal, and more often than not they celebrate the joy of nature in the autumn through the plants and trees you can see all around you.

We thought we’d do a little blog celebrating some of the plants and trees they’ve chosen over the last few years - any excuse to share some beautiful photos! At the bottom we’ve made you a little nature hunt checklist. Save it to your phone and go scavenging! We’d love to see your nature photos, tag us #gtautumnhunt

Rose-Bay Willow-Herb

This Duns Autumn 2020 newcomer has been very popular in both the blue and olive green prints!

Did you know: Rose-bay willow herb is sometimes called fireweed because of how fast it populates land which has been ravaged by forest fire. Not only that, but it’s a favourite food for Bears and Elk! 


Duns have released 3 different rosehip colourways - mustard, green and this lovely cream and bright pink print. 

Did you know: Rosehips are the fruit of the Dog Rose, which ripen in Autumn. They can be used to make jams, syrups, tea and more importantly wine, mead and Pálinka (a Hungarian fruit brandy)!


Rowanberry is a Duns classic that was re-released in two new colourways for Autumn 2020 to widespread acclaim.

Did you know: The Rowan (or mountain ash) tree is full of folklore! It is known as the wayfarer’s tree, as it apparently helps to prevent travellers from getting lost. It also has supposed mystical powers to ward off werewolves, witches and evil spirits. 


Inspired by the humble conker tree, the Autumn 2020 Chestnut print was another reboot of a classic favourite, this time in green and gorgeous vibrant yellow.

Did you know: The Horse Chestnut is a popular tree for bonsai, although it can grow to 39 metres! It is the symbolic tree for the city of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Oak Tree

The lovely autumn oak leaves print was a popular release in Autumn 2018. Duns have also celebrated Oak trees with velour acorn prints. 

Did you know: The oak tree is the national tree of England, and a symbol of strength. It is a sacred tree to Zeus and Thor. One of our favourite oak trees is the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest which is though to be between 800 and 1000 years old and which apparently gave shelter to Robin Hood!


Sycamore Tree

Sycamore (maple) trees were celebrated in the colourful Duns’ Autumn Leaves print.

Did you know: The sycamore is part of the lychee family! The paired seeds are called Samaras, and they twirl to the ground when they are ripe. 

All these plants and trees are native to the UK and can be seen at this time of year. Here’s a checklist for you to look out for!