Match, Clash or Mash... how do you pair yours?

In Scandi-land, there has always been a division between those who love to match their prints and those who love to clash... but there’s a new colour theory in town, a medium path which is causing everyone to question what they’ve always known... Team Mash! 

This week’s blog delves deeper into each #team to help you find your way along the scandi colour match spectrum.


First, over to Grimble Tot’s #TeamMatch captain, Hannah:

“Team Match is all about pairing with the perfect plain basic, to accentuate the beautiful print. You can pair with the trim, the background colour, or even occasionally pick out a colour in the print... but they need to be an exact match so joyous that one can almost hear the ring of Thor slamming his hammer down approvingly! If in doubt, I pair with denim”


Team Match aficionados can spot a Maxomorra solid or a MTAF basic from 100 paces. The outfits are pleasing to the eye, and solid and dependable like a corporate uniform. 


Grimble Tot’s #TeamClash Captain, Kim takes the reigns:

”Where fastidiously matching clothes leads to a beautiful outcome for many, Team Clash is all about letting go and enjoying the beauty of the colours and prints available. No rigidity, no anxiety of finding a perfect colour match, no wasted opportunities offered by solid plain clothes. In Team Clash, it’s a celebratory festival of colour - a riot of anything goes!”


No rules or regulations here, Team Clash is as organic, bright and colourful as a rainforest in full bloom.


A new Team in town, lying somewhere between Match and Clash, Team Mash has been causing waves! Founder and Team Captain Katy explains more:

“Mash is for those that have colour matching at their core, but probably have so much scandi stash they need to put scandi with scandi and don't have time for boring old basics! The foundation is based on matching colours in prints. Either one base needs to match the other trim or at least 2/3 of the colours need to be present in both garments and need to be near identical hues. The colour match is pleasing to the eye and the pattern clash is bold and exciting to both soothe the soul and set the heart racing. If you enjoy aesthetic beauty but need to get wear out of your stash and mix patterns then team mash is for you. The perfect half way haven between match and clash.”


A mash shouldn’t be unpleasant to the eye, sitting somewhere between the harmony of a match and the anarchy of a clash, this organised chaos should be cohesive but striking, like a 90s boyband’s tour wardrobe! 


Although stripes come under Maxomorra’s basics range, they are a print and should be treated as such - here’s our team Captains’ take on the ‘Milk’ stripe from SS20. Can you correctly identify each?


If you’re still not sure how to hashtag your #ootd, here’s a handy flowchart to follow.