Max Classics: Summer 2020

Summer 2020 sees the return of some of Maxomorra’s most well loved classic prints. After voting last year, Sheep and Ghosts were chosen, along with Robots and Vikings. Due to Covid-19, and perhaps just as well for scandi-loving wallets everywhere, they were split into two batches. Here’s the lowdown for the full collection. 




Tangerine orange base
Green trim*
Dark blue base*
Tangerine orange trim
Robots Vikings
Teal base*
Tangerine trim
Green base*

Tangerine trim


* isn’t the official name


The tangerine orange basics match the base of the sheep and the trim of the ghosts. Available in the following items:

 Runner shorts Cropped Leggings Rib Pants
S/S Top  S/S Vest


What styles are available and what are they called?


 Sleeveless Short Sleeved Long Sleeved


 S/S Bodysuit L/S Bodysuit Adult Top
Tank Top S/S Top L/S Top


 Leggings Cropped Leggings
Runner Shorts Rib Pants


All in Ones

 Short Playsuit Playsuit
S/S Rompersuit L/S Rompersuit


 Boxer Shorts Boxer Briefs
Tube Scarf Hat
Sunhat  Pyjamas
Dribble bib

Here’s what Grimble Tot will have available to buy as of Drop Day, Friday 7th August at 10am.