Maxomorra and Meyadey Summer 2020 - Drop A

Summer Drop A was really hotly anticipated with the gorgeous bumblebees literally flying out the door! Here’s the lowdown on the full Maxomorra and Meyadey range, including matching basics, stripes and blocks

Maxomorra Play

Bright and bold prints, in Maxomorra’s signature style

Forest Farm Humble Bumblebee
Pear green base
Pine green trim
Sky blue base
Yellow trim


 Lazy Ladybug Daisy
Pale blue base
Navy trim
Poppy reduced  base
Sky blue trim

Play coordinating solid / stripes / blocks...

Navy Poppy Sky Blossom
Stripe -
Stripe -
Poppy /
Pine /
Navy /
Sky /
Blossom /
Poppy /

Maxomorra Explore

Pretty and cool hand drawn prints designed to appeal to older children too. 

Farm Dog  Horse
Teal base
Midnight blue trim
Beige base
Dusty pink trim

Explore coordinating solid / stripes

Midnight Dusty Rose Stripe -
Stripe - 

Dusty Rose


Match / Mash index

Here is the all important colour matching index. If you’re #teammatch you can either match your basics by the trim (marked T) or a contrasting colour in the print (marked C). If you’re #teammash, why not try matching the trim colour (marked T) or a significant contrast colour (marked C) to another print’s base colour (marked B). If you’re #teamclash, you’re probably not even reading any more. No one tells you what to do, go wild in the aisles!

It’s worth noting that:

  • As of July 2020, Pear and Pine don’t exist as solid basics, just a block two-coloured vest/top
  • Humble Bumblebee’s yellow isn’t one of the basics in the range
  • Fresh Lemon and Shark use old season trims


Maxomorra’s little sister, with lovely hand drawn prints in more muted colours. Meyadey don’t have coordinating basics. 

 Cool Biker Shelley Crab
Blue base
Black trim
Peach base
Pink trim


 Wild Fox Strawberry Fields
Pale green base
Dark green trim
Pale blue base
Pink trim

Useful info

This drop has adult short sleeved tops available in all prints. Men’s tops are longer and straight, women’s are more fitted. 


Styles that don't run TTS:

Runner Shorts: Runs Small
Short Playsuit: Runs Big

Rompersuit SS: Runs Big


Here’s the items available in the summer drop, with their official names to help you track them down nice and easily.

Adult men’s and women’s short sleeve tops were available in all prints. 

Body L/S - long sleeved vest / bodysuit
available in Play blocks, Explore stripes
Body S/S - short sleeved vest / bodysuit
available in all prints, blocks and stripes
Cardigan Hood - hoodie
available in Play
Tank top - vest tops
available in all prints 
S/S Flare top - Tshirt with a slight flared hem
available in Explore
L/S Slim button top - Granddad style top
available in 2 colour blocks and Explore stripes

S/S Slim button top - Tshirt with buttons
available in 2 colour blocks

S/S top - Tshirt with contrasting trim
available in all prints and stripes


available in Play, Explore, solids & stripes
Cropped leggings

available in all prints, solids and stripes
Cuff leggings - contrasting cuffs
available in Play and Explore
Denim pants - jeans

Denim jogger pants - cuffed jeans
Rib pants - Baggy cuffed bottoms
available in all prints, solids, blocks & stripes
Runner shorts - Retro style shorts
available in all prints, denim, solids and stripes
Runner sweat shorts - Retro style
available in Explore (thicker material)

Denim shorts - Jeans style with turn up

available in Explore solids

Sweatpants - trackie bottoms
available in Explore solids

Sweat Treggings - trousers in jogger fabric
available in Explore solids


S/S Balloon dress - tulip shape dress
available in Play
N/S dress - Sleeveless A line (pockets)
available in Play and Meyadey
S/S dress- Short sleeved A line (pockets)
available in Explore, Blocks, Stripes and Meyadey
L/S dress - Long sleeved A line (pockets)
available in 2 colour Blocks & Explore stripes


N/S Spin dress - Sleeveless twirly dress
available in Explore


One piece - hooded zipsuit 
available in play
Short playsuit - Short dungarees
available in all prints
S/S Rompersuit - Short sleeve/leg zipsuit
available in Play and Meyadey


Dribble bib- bandana style bib
available in Play and Meyadey
Boxer shorts (boy style)
available in Play, Explore and Meyadey
Boxer briefs (girl style)
available in Play, Explore and Meyadey
Hipster briefs- pants
available in Play, Explore and Meyadey
Hat - Beanie style
available in all prints and stripes
Helmet - Bonnet style, with strings
available in Play and Meyadey
Sun hat  - bucket style
available in all prints

Tube scarf
available in all prints

S/S Pyjama Set - shorts and tshirt 
available in Play and Meyadey