Mystery Box FAQ

It's the Mystery Box Blog time!
No one out there is going to argue against me when I say that Mystery Boxes are very much at the core of what we do at Grimble Tot and we thought it was high time you got a little blog post about them (well, more of an FAQ)

Are Mystery Boxes for me?

I don't know Beryl, do you like mystery? Do you like good value? Are you a surprise person? Do you need someone else to dress your child? Then yes, probably, mystery boxes are for you.

Do you hate surprises? Do your children have opinions that you can't change with bribery? DO YOU HATE FUN? Then Mystery Boxes may not be for you.

Are Mystery Boxes just unsold and unloved stock?

All stock is unsold stock until it leaves my premises. Just saying.

But no, Mystery Boxes are my baby and much like a real child, makes us work extremely hard for very little monetary profit, but we are paid back in love. We adore seeing how happy you are when they arrive. The stock is separate to our mainstream stock so that it is easy for us ensure amazing value and because I am terrible at organising.

What if I don't like my Mystery Box?

Then you are dead to me and I hope you step on a lego brick. Next question.
Obviously not everything will always be to people’s taste, especially if you have older children. Over at Team Grimble Tot we have a swap thread where you can swap items, and we do allow sales on the group (and other groups). We ask that you keep in mind the value of the box and pass the love on, sadly we have had people profiteering from our lovely boxes in the past, and we will take action against that.

As a helpful guide, here are our approximate guidelines for selling on:
Tops, Skirts, Short rompers: £10 per item
Dungs, PJ sets, dresses: £13 per item
Hoodies/Hooded Onesies: £18-£25 ish

Rare or HTF items should not attract a premium - we didn't charge you one, so please share the love.

Can I return a Mystery Box?

Of course, we do encourage boxes not to be returned as the margin is small and a high number of returns would mean we would need to start raising the prices however we absolutely accept returns in line with our general terms and conditions.

We do have a policy that if you return more than three mystery boxes in a 12 month period, further MB orders will be declined - this is to help keep it fair for everyone, to stop people playing the rare print lottery and to reduce Lou's blood pressure.

Are your Mystery Boxes the best out there?

Clearly yes, why would you even ask that question.

Can I leave requests? You have a notes section!!

Yes, that's what the notes section is for, we just ask that you be reasonable.
The notes section was originally there because we have a lot of members of our community with SEN or similar needs, and so it allowed them to order a mystery box while specifying what wouldn't work for their children (eg, needs long sleeves, won't wear hats etc)

This has now evolved to more general preferences etc so here's a breakdown of reasonable versus unreasonable requests.

  • My child has sensory issues so please no hats, only long sleeves etc
  • My kiddo is super girly
  • My child is called ‘fox’, any chance?
  • We’d prefer no [brand name]
  • We’d love some sleepwear if there are any
  • No vehicles please
Lou gets a drink:
  • My child likes to twirl, only twirly dresses please
  • My kiddo only wears pink and yellow
  • My child is called ‘violet’, any chance?
  • We’d prefer only well known scandi brands
  • I want at least one hoodie and at least one dress
  • No vehicles or animals
Lou drinks the entire bottle, and curses you.
  • My child will only entertain the finest vintage black label scandi, everything else grates on her delicate skin.
  • My kiddo only wears vintage Duns floral prints and NOTHING else
  • My child is called ‘Mother Earth’, any chance?
  • We only want Duns
  • We only want items whose re-sale price is over £20 per item
  • We entertain nothing in the known universe except flowers


Unisex v Girls boxes

A girl’s box may include dresses, skirts, pants, ‘girly’ knitted cardigans. A unisex box won’t. That’s pretty much it. Scandi clothes are, by nature, unisex. If your child dresses ‘girly’ or ‘boyish’ you need to make it clear in your notes.

Can I have more than one size in a box?

Yes! You can split sizes in your box. You can have 2 sizes in a mini mystery box and more in the regular or large boxes. Please specify in the notes. 

Minimum & Expected Items Guide:

Each box size has a minimum number of expected items, and the sorts of items you might get.
Mini Box:
At least two items, one of which will be scandi.
You can expect to get:
Tops, Trousers, Leggings, Underwear, Rompers

Regular Box:
At least four items, two of which will be scandi.
You can expect to get:
As above, plus: hoodies, zipsuits, dresses, PJs

Large box:
At least six items, three of which will be scandi.
You can expect to get:
As above, plus hooded onesies.
Some brands have a higher RRP and wholesale cost than others, so this will be reflected in the boxes!


Yes there is a chance you might encounter duplicates. I try to check previous order(s) but if you're on your 10th Mystery Box then it might be a bit harder. If you're worried, it might be best to leave some time between boxes as I'm realistically only going to check the last two or three. Leaving time allows for new stock to become available. 

Rare items

Sometimes we'll put a rare item into a box. This is just part of what we do and a bit of fun: please no requests for a rare items box or I absolutely will send you a box of old socks (no returns).