Scandi Size Guide

The thing we hear the most over at Team GrimbleTot is that people just don't understand the sizing of Scandi clothes.

Some brands have dual sizing which can cause even more confusion. It's actually based on the child's height in centimetres so is much more accurate than sizing by age - we all know children who are wearing clothes that are bigger/smaller than their age. 

For example, if your child is 82cm tall, then you would buy a size 86 or dual size 80-86, which gives them a little growing room too!

Hats are along the same lines, and are sized by the circumference of the child's head in centimetres.

We've included a quick reference guide for clothing and sunhats below, so grab a tape measure and you'll know exactly what size to buy for your child.


Scandi Size GuideScandi Hat Sunhat Size Guide