Spotlight on JNY

Some of you may have seen the sneak peek of our recent JNY delivery, but who are JNY?

Tell me more...

JNY were founded in 2005 in beautiful Åre, one of the premier ski resorts in Sweden, where their head office can still be found. They believe kids should be kids, not small adults, and their fun and colourful prints reflect that!

Brand Ethics... 

Like the big scandi brands, JNY are GOTS certified, meaning that all the cotton they use to make their clothing is certified as both socially and environmentally sustainable. They also go a step further to ensure they are as sustainable as possible by producing all their clothing in small, family-run factories in Europe, ensuring that workers are both treated well and paid fairly. Plus, the added bonus of a smaller carbon footprint since there are significantly shorter travel distances between factories and the end customer.


Show me the prints...

Here are some of the prints we’ll be stocking from the SS20 collection. JNY have coordinating basics for Team Match, and just imagine a sneaky little Spring Greenery / Bug Time mash! 

Hook me up, Grimble Tot!

The beautifully bright prints will begin making an appearance in our infamous mystery boxes, but some stock will also be appearing on the website over time so watch this space!