Spotlight on Villervalla

Villervalla PeacocksThis week we're shining a spotlight on Villervalla to celebrate new lines being added to the Grimble Tot catalogue. Villervalla are one of the lesser known scandi brands but here at Grimble Tot we just LOVE THEM.

Villervalla was founded in 2005 by Hanna Håkansson in Gothenburg where you can still find their offices and concept store today.

They have strong company values that match our own - joy, optimism and equality. Plus their designs are just wonderful! They are easily identifiable by their bright, almost neon, prints that are gender neutral without the beige.

Like Grimble Tot, Villervalla pride themselves on being a socially responsible, ethical brand. The majority of their products are made from organic cotton, and it's all produced in a certified toxic free environment.

So not only does your child look fantastic, you're saving the world by buying Villervalla.

Be sure to browse our whole range of Villervalla products, including the classic sloth print and the new donut print - these won't hang about long!


Villervalla Sloths


Villervalla Planes